Do you worry while using p2p?

Isn't it time you protected your online privacy while filesharing?
Considering all the problems that exist with the old hazardous networks like the Gnutella’s, Edonkey2000, FastTrack (Kazaa) isn't it time for something better?
Why continue to have your privacy violated while filesharing?

If you’re looking for fast easy secure filesharing, then your search is over.

“This Application Will Not Protect You From The Law” For that kind of protection you’d better look elsewhere.
It can only protect your privacy against constantly being violated by soulless corporations.

So who is the application intended for and why would they use it?

This application is intended for general files haring and anyone that values their privacy.
The average file sharers that are sick of their applications and networks being under constant assault.
Their daily activities being monitored by automated software.
Or by a simple clerk in a office somewhere working for a large company.
Possibly worse yet by other users.
It's for anyone that thinks law enforcement should be left up to the cops and law makers, not big companies.
Companies do not make and enforce laws, the elected representatives of the people do.

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