Basic User Guide

How to install and start using Hornet

Install Instructions for windows users

First You need to download the client from here.
Next Extract The Downloaded File's Contents To where you want to run the client from. For Example c:\program files\Hornet
Start the client by executing .bat file in explorer or making a shortcut to it on your desktop or in the start menu.
By default the .bat file assumes you have java 1.5 properly installed and thus just calls java or javaw.

An Example .bat file's contents
@echo off
C:\Progra~1\Java\jre\bin\javaw.exe -Xms50M -Xmx300M -jar hornet.jar

Though you may have the jre installed somewhere else, no matter just put the correct path to java.exe or javaw.exe
Also you can choose what you want to load
hornet.jar - Just the application with no plugins
jetiants.jar - The application and the jeti jabber im plugin
webserver.jar - The application, the jeti jabber im plugin and a local webserver for easily hosting websites through the peer network.

Install Instructions for linux and other non windows users.
Coming soon...

Getting Started

Initial Configuration

When the application is first started it needs to be configured.
It will ask for some details such as internet connection type, Webrowser Location, which folder you want to download to and what folder to share. All fairly standard tasks.
Next it will ask for your network address, be sure to fill in your internet connections public ip address.
Addresses such as and are typically lan type addresses and are not valid.
An example valid internet address would be like (google's current address)

Sharing More Folders

Once initial configuration is finished you many want to share more folders than the one you defined.
To do this simply click on the Shared Files button.
That will open a shared files tab, next to add a folder click on add to open a select folder window.
To share or not share all subfolders of the selected shared directories enable the checkbox next to Recursive. Default setting is enabled.

Indexing Vs. Hashing

The application should soon start indexing your shared folders and thier content.
Unlike regular hashing like other applications do, indexing is more involved and may require far more time.
If your impatient don't try to index lots of small files at once (like sets of pictures), instead you can place them into large archives.
A few hundred large files are indexed much faster than thousands or tens of thousands of small files.

Connecting To Peers

To connect hit the Start Ants button in the connection tab.
You can choose to connect to the public irc channel to bootstrap to other peers or connect to the hornet jabber groupchat (if you have already set up jeti and chose to load the jetiplugin).
Both the public irc channel and the jabber groupchat are not anonymous and are not encrypted(yet). So be careful as to what you post there.

Disconnecting / Reconnecting To Irc

To disconnect or reconnect to irc, click on the settings button in the connection tab and then the newly opened settings tab.
There click on the Disconnect / Connect button.
To prevent the client from connecting to irc, simply clear the server and channel settings (when disconnected from irc), normally you might want to do this if you plan on only using jeti or trusted peers for bootstrapping.
Setting up Jeti / Jetiants Plugin

See Jeti WebSite and Jetiants Website
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