Project Description

Note the alpha release does not contain these changes, these are changes that are planned for a future release.

Project Hornet's goal is to be a total overhaul of antsp2p through improvements to the core, gui, irc and im features.

The major gui changes include changing the gui to a skinned gui.

New Irc and im features include adding encrypted sessions and connecting via a proxy.

Bootstrapping security upgrade, aka protected bootstrapping. Nodes providing bootstrapping services to peers will be protected and anonymous, thier addresses will not be known or advertised.

In addition to the new skinned gui, the jeti gui will also be changed to use skins.

Core changes, resolution of the node flooding and implentation of a advanced udp protocol.

Proxy tunnel system, bridging the p2p network to the web via a proxy tunnel by connecting the proxy server node to the web via a external proxy which may be the new integrated localproxy which connects to either an external proxy or the tor network.

New features will include a integrated webrowser for viewing p2p hosted websites and accessing the web via the new proxy tunnel system.

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